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You can teach your self how to become better and better on Blackjack with the help of just a few mathematical tips. Blackjack is not only about how good you are as a player, you will also have a lot more chans of winning if you are familiar with math. 

The game of Blackjack.

Blackjack is a classic casino game. Allot of people think that the main thing is to get 21 in your hand, that is wrong, the most important thing in the game is to beat the deal, it does not matter if you have 18 or 14 in your hand, as long as you either beat the dealers hand or the dealer bust (over 21) you win and that is what Blackjack is all about, Beating the dealer!

The beginning of a game round of blackjack starts with that you bet some chips, information regarding min-max bet is always available close to the table. In Blackjack now days the dealer usually use more card decks then one. This is to prevent card counting. 


Combination of luck and Skill

Blackjack is a game of Luck, but it also contains alot of skill to become to blackjack king! Due to these 2 factors Blackjack is a much harder game then most of the other Casino games you will find in a Casino. We recommend that you read blackjack strategy before playing with real money, this is a good way for you to know when for example stand or hit on certein  numbers, it could also differ allot depending on what card the dealer has open. If you have 12 in your hand and the dealer shows a 5, you should allways stop as it is a bigger chance of the dealer getting more then 21. In a similar case when you have 12  but the dealer shows a 10 you should always take a card due to that the dealer has a bigger chance of having a made hand already!