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Texas Hold´em is a Poker Game with Community cards, due to this the game focus on both betting and on the cards being dealt. You can play Texas Hold´em in two different ways, either as a “cash game” or in a tournament format. The rules in both of these different formats are almost identical, there is only a few different rules in tournament play. The end goal of the game is however the same, you play to win as much chips or money as possible. Either by having the best Poker hand or bluffing your opponent out so he folds. The game is played with 2-10 players around the table.

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Important Poker Terms.

  • Dealer – The person that deal out the cards to the other players.
  • Blinds – Is a “fee” that two players need to pay before each hand are dealt. 
  • Pre flop –  All betting that takes place before the community cards are being dealt out. 
  • Post Flop – All betting taking place after the community cards have been dealt out. 
  • Flop – The first 3 cards of the community cards.
  • Turn – The 4th card of the community cards.
  • River – The 5th card of the community cards.
  • Showdown – When the players show their cards to see who is the winner. 

Play Texas Hold ´em at home. 

The first thing needed when players gather around the table is Poker Chips, if you play Poker Online or at a land based Casino you will get the chips on you have done your buy in. If you are setting up a “home game” you will need to put a value on your Poker chips.

To get the game going all players should have the same amount off Chips infront of them. 

Next thing is the decide who will be the dealer, this player will start with the dealer button and after each hand have been finished the dealer button will move clockwise. 

Even if you are in a place with a professional dealer, the dealer button will always represent witch player that is the dealer. 

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