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Welcome to your online Poker guide.


Poker is a game that everyone can play, no matter if you are small, big, man or women. The game can be played in every environment and thanks to the Internet you dont have to go to an Casino to play.

When playing Online Poker you can choose to play small stakes and sometimes even play for free. Another great thing with Online Poker is that everyone is welcome, as long as you are over 18  years of age. There is plenty of Online Poker guides out there so if you are starting your poker career, take your time and read a few guides before you start playing for real money.  Poker is the most popular Card game in the world, online there is more then a 100 million users playing. Because of that we are not surprised that Poker is so huge! If you are interested in how you play poker or maybe just want to get better at  poker, then you have arrived to the best Poker Guide Online.  


What is Online Poker

Poker online is basically a traditional card game that has been virtually created. There is allot of different types of poker games, witch also includes free play. 

What differs online from Live poker? The rules are usually the same, however it might be good for you to know the main differences when it comes to the biggest game environments. Online Poker is usually faster and you can play with smaller stakes, another good thing is the availability and with this we mean that you can play from almost every where in the world and you can play in any time of the day as long as your internet connection is good enough. The negative part is that everything is behind a computer screen so you cant see your opponents and due to that you will have a harder time to read what player is the big bluffer.   Another huge difference between Live poker and Online Poker is the Multi table that you can do, if you would go into a land based casino you would only be able to play on one table at the time. Sure that is fun as well if you have a good time, but to make more money and play even more intense. You can online play up to 16 tables at the same time, this is not something we recommend for a beginner, but after some Poker practise we suggest you start playing on two tables, then three and so on. 


Online Poker history.

Online Poker was introduced to the world in the beginning of 2000 century, and before that you could only play poker in a Land Based Casino. In the beginning of launching Online Poker there was only a few players playing for fun.

2003 was the big start for Online Poker when a amateur player by the name of Chris MoneyMaker was able to qualify trough a online poker tournament into the world series of Poker main Event. He qualified from a 40 dollar tournament and later he won the main event for 2 500 000 dollars. After this fantastic run from a satellite tournament to Main event winner did the Online Poker became huge. 


Why is online Poker so popular?

There is allot of reasons why Poker is as popular as it is today. Allot of people look at poker as a game of skill that is fun, entertaining and simple to understand. You should not compare Poker with “luck” games such as video slots or lottery. 

Poker is also a game that you can play every where and how often you want to. Because of that its not un usual that you can see your friends play poker during the pre party or on a regular friday night!


How much money do i need?

To start your Online Poker Journey you dont need allot of money. You can start training poker with different online softwares for example you can play for free on Zynga Poker This is totally for free and you can play it just by logging into facebook. When you are ready to play with real money you can make a deposit of around 50-200 Dollar. This is a regular deposit that can you can play for a while with. You are not suppose to empty your “bank roll” as quick as possible, if you would have 50 Dollar in your account we would recommend you to play tournaments with around 1 Dollar buy ins until you learn how tournaments work, after you have become more comfortable with playing you can raise your stake. It is also possible to play 0.1-0.2 Dollar in the cashgames and this might make your bank roll looks big.


How to play Poker Online.


The first step to do is to download the Poker software, the download will not take long at all and the file size is relative small. If you have a good internet connection this wont take longer then a few minutes. When its downloaded you can instal it and create your account. In some websites you will have to create your account before downloading the software. To be able to play you have to be over 18 years of age, this sometimes has to be proven with documents such as a ID card and Prof of the payment method you used.  When it comes to your deposit the most preferred method for smaller deposits is to use a regular Credit Card. For higher deposit amounts you can use a bank transfer, this might take a few days but its safer for bigger deposits. 


Where do i find the best Poker Information.

The more you play the better you will become and the more you will enjoy playing Poker. Luckily for you there is allot of different tools out on the market that can help you get better on poker Faster. Allot of these tools do cost money, usually there is a monthly fee that you pay to use it but there is also the free ones and they work perfect. One tool that can help you out is the tool that teaches you what the best hand in poker is and it shows you different scenarios as well.